Value Added Services

Value added services are renderd to meet our trusted customer’s needs. Our prime concern is the satisfaction of our customers. Flywheel will always be there for you. Your trustworthy service partner.

Scanning & Diagnostics

For deep problem solving scanning and diagnostics tests are executed. Diagnostics tests and scanning quickly point out the accurate problems. Mechanics use OBD scanners, devices that plug into OBD ports to find out problems that arise in a vehicle. The stored data provide a detailed record of the current problem to account. Using the specific data, it can figure out issues like engine misfire, loose wires, changes in oxygen levels, etc.


At flywheel, we do provide restoration for all models to give back your vehicle in a new or better condition. A new look or a better condition to your former vehicle Flywheel promises amazing results. Restoration can be opted for mainly two reasons, to restore vehicles with failed systems or some vehicles need restoration because it’s aged and not functional for driving like classic cars. Interior restoration is complete vacuuming out the car.


Reduces engine noise, reduces vibrations, and improves engine efficiency, and overall performance. The best time to decarbonize an engine is after it completes 50000 km. It is important to keep the engine in a good condition for optimum efficiency. Decarbonization can be chemical or mechanical. The carbon deposited on the cylinder head or on pistons and from other working components being are removed. Decarbonization is encouraged to reduce environmental pollution.

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