Periodic Maintenance Service

A little care for long life. For an automobile to operate without being forced into hasty maintenance during an emergency, periodic maintenance services are devised. To maintain the overall quality and life of a vehicle, planned maintenance is preferable. By doing this, we can prevent unintentional car failures and breakdowns. If you know what is the extra perk, it saves money for unnecessary future maintenance. Sound skeptical but PMS is a great option for long-term maintenance and a perfect money saver. It is proven that it costs less if a well-maintained car needs some repair. Our mechanical professionals manage all general PMS under a special analysis, including corrective, preventive, risk-based, and condition-based maintenance. In order to maximize the car’s performance, dependability, safety, durability, and resale value, PMS is a crucial service. According to Periodic Maintenance Service, maintaining a car is less expensive than having it fixed.


Genuine Spares

We deliver original spare parts with real specifications directly comes from the manufacturer or label. The quality makes you believe in us.

Wide Range of Options

Vast facilities for restoration and detailing. six meter long painting booth, larger enough to paint any automobile. Installation and accident repairs and many more.

servicing quickly

We promise detailed and fast service. We value your time. Delivers serviced vehicles as early as possible. There is no other better service provider.

Detailed diagnostic

Detailed analysis will be taken to recognize the exact condition of a vehicle for taking the right action. diagnostic tests are done to find out problems related to engine, transmission, brakes, exhaust system, and other major components.

planned packages

Flywheel takes care of all your car service and maintenance needs. 


3 Month Service
  • Car wash
  • Interior Vacuming
  • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Battery Water Top Up
  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Wiper Fluid Replacement
  • Heater/Spark Plugs Checking


12 Month Service
  • Car Wash
  • Car Scanning
  • Tyre Rotation
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Interior Vacuuming
  • Brake Fluid Top Up
  • Fuel filter checking
  • AC Filter Replacement
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Throttle Body Cleaning
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Wiper Fluid Replacement
  • Rear Brake Shoes Serviced
  • Front Brake Pads Serviced
  • Heater/Spark Plugs Checking
Free Wiper Blades


6 Month service
  • Car Wash
  • Car Scanning
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • Fuel Filter Checking
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Wiped Fluid Replacement
  • Front Break Pads Serviced
  • Heater/Spark Plugs Checking

Auto Maintenance FAQs

The task of maintaining your car on a regular basis is known as periodic maintenance. Periodic maintenance, often known as time-based maintenance, is performed to keep your car running smoothly.

The goal of periodic maintenance service is to keep your car from breaking down or failing. It consists of a schedule of planned maintenance tasks. Additionally, it reduces future repair costs. PMS has established that maintaining an automobile is less expensive than having it repaired. Regular maintenance extends the life of your car, boosts performance and fuel efficiency, and prevents malfunctions from occurring. Your car will always be in excellent shape with regular servicing. Additionally, a well-maintained car lasts longer, giving you additional years of use.

Every 10,000 kilometers, general upkeep should be performed. Additionally, we advise 5000 km intervals for wheel alignment, balance, and inspection.

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