Detailing Service

Flywheel specializes variety of detailing services. Ceramic coating, rubbing, waxing and polishing, deep interior and exterior cleaning, paint enhancement, windshield coating, etc. have been carefully done with expertise. Exclusive in-house detailing shop available for advanced detailing works.

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Rubbing, Waxing, and Polishing

Rubbing is the removal of a fine paint layer to get rid of imperfections, and scratches. Waxing is the final protective layer as a final step after repair. Car polishing is done for removing little defects from the car surface. Waxing after polishing is good for long protection. Our experienced professionals ensure a clean and secure detailing experience.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for getting a shiny aesthetic appearance and good protection to the car surface. One coating for protecting your car from most scratches, dirt, and chemical contaminants. Longer life than regular paint. Best for paint protection. Long-lasting gloss for years and makes car cleaning easy.

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Deep Interior Cleaning

Flywheel proudly does all types of interior cleaning services. We know how important is your vehicle to you. We promise the best deep interior cleaning services to keep your vehicle clean.

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Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancement for vehicles that require a little paint correction. Our one-stage correction for a detailed enhancement. Flywheel is there to make your vehicle glitter all time using only mild abrasives. No need to spend a lot of money to make your car shiny.

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Exterior Cleaning

We keep your one-time investment looks amazing forever. Flywheel’s special caretakers take responsibility for your car exterior. We provide deep exterior cleaning services for all brands.

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Windshield Coating

Windshield coating is to improve the ability of wiper blades to wipe off the rain or ice bugs from the glass. It is done by coating your windshield with a water-repellent silicon film. Flywheel is here to make your journey easy through any extreme weather conditions. We set the coating not only for windscreen protection it also aids to enhance night vision, wet weather visibility and durability.


Best Standard Product used

Flywheel uses the best quality products for all works. We believe quality can make difference. The premium quality products are used because we both know a car is not just a car.

Cleaning Technique available for all type of cars

Want you to see your car clean and glossy every time? We promise to make your car super clean like a newly bought one.

Foam based treatment

It is the safest cleaning treatment to eliminate dirt, grime, and environmental contaminants. The natural formula is safe on all vehicle surfaces including paint, vinyl, glass, ceramic etc.

Get back the original shine

Flywheel assures a long-lasting shine for your vehicles. Our incomparable services save your money by eliminating periodic painting or exterior enhancement works. You cannot find anyone more trustworthy than us.

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