Body Repair Services

Body Repair

Flywheel offers all types of automotive repair both mechanical and body repair. Solution for all types of auto body repair and maintenance.

Dent & Paint

Fine car painting services and repair of dents. 6m long painting booth can hold any vehicle. Avoiding scratches or dents might cause serious problems later. We use modern technology and devices to calculate expenses, painting costs, and dent repair costs. The best class paint, materials, and equpments in order to sustain paint for long period of time.

Bumper Repair

Major and minor Bumper repair and replacement are done with excellent detailing. A bumper is a protective covering. Depending upon the damage with the help of our expert technicians the repair will be carried out securely. The replacement of plastic bumpers is not necessary even when it is damaged. They can be recovered by using the modern reconditioning technique. We fix Scuffed, scratched, dented, detached, and torn bumpers with detailed care and attention.

Accidental Repair

Best garage for accidental repairs. Using advanced technology and complete diagnostics, we can get instant details about damage, spare parts, and effortless cost estimation. The best repair solution can extend your vehicle’s life. We assist all kinds of automobile accidental insurances. If you left with one last hope, reach us. We won’t disappoint you.

Scratch Removal

Scratch removal and fixing for reasonable rates. Be aware a minor scratch can cause major damage to your car. Scratches weaken the paint surface and make it more vulnerable to rain, dust, and dirt particles. Scratch areas can clear out by simply spraying, filling with a filler compound, or by simple mechanical works if small but deep scratches need more attention.


Paint Booth

We have six-meter long ultra-modern paint booth. Large enough to carry mini to heavy vehicles. A more advanced smooth and neat painting.

Remove scratches without paintwork

Using Light abrasive materials and polish can fix minor scratches without paintwork. Our technicians take it as a big pride when they satisfy clients. Your satisfaction is our asset.

Hassle-Free Claim processing

We are transparent about our deals and client needs. We accept all insurance claims for the smooth recovery of your vehicle. We are driven to give you quality services, fast settlements, a transparent approach, and insurance claim assistance. There will not be any rush with Flywheel.

Repair any damaged bumpers instead of replacement

why spend more on a replacement if we can repair the bumper. Flywheel’s highly talented professionals can fix your problems within your budget.

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