Car Repair

Common Car Repair

Don’t wait for a warning sign to get repair your favorite vehicle. Flywheel offers various common car repair facilities. One solution for all your car problems. Which one makes you more worried about? Engine, brake, suspension, transmission, AC, or electrical repairs? Flywheel promises you the best repair services out there. We are here to make your car fully conditioned so you can stay stress-free.

Engine Repairs

Flywheel guarantees honest care with a Reasonable service charge. Our skilled technicians will take care of your engine and they do everything to make your engine healthy. Engine repair is a serious thing to take. When the engine light goes on it’s time to address the problem you might need to take your vehicle to a service center. A healthy engine drives a long life.

Brake Repairs

We offer types of brake malfunction or break replacement services are available. You can feel your break how it sounds, how they stop your car, how the pedal feels, and how it changes and get worse by one day you don’t feel your break the same again. Care should be taken for a smooth break journey. We invented Flywheel for you. Change is possible with our expertise. Flywheel has a great team to encounter brake problems, brake lines, discs, drums, and wear-out brake pads and rotors due to friction and heat. There won’t be any accidents because of the brake.

Suspension Repairs

In Flywheel, we specialize suspension repair and replacement services. Suspension protects you from bouncing up from roads, drifting or pulling to one side of the turning corner, etc. It is possible to replace or repair the damaged or worn part of the suspension eroded over time. Worn shocks, continuous bouncing, affect steering and other major problems might arise if we don’t notice these signs. This is why at flywheel we provide advanced treatment for our trusted clients.

Transmission and Clutch Repair

For clutch adjustments or full transmission overhaul, our outstanding technicians knows the required diagnosis before fixing the problem. From Flywheel you will get 100% car back assurance. Don’t leave a simple clutch problem left unresolved that might lead to more expensive repairs. Account if your transmission is not shifting as it does or if you suspect a leak in transmission let our experts do the rest. Flywheel is exclusively built for the safety and durability of your vehicle.

AC Repair

Flywheel assures hassle-free Ac repair services. We have years of experience in AC repair and installation services. The work quality we provide is irreplaceable. Flywheel ensures your car’s AC system functions smoothly with the expert guidance of our trained technicians. Flywheel proudly provides air conditioning services for all vehicles.

Electrical Repair

The most common electrical failure in a car can be fairly fixed with the help of an experienced technician. Flywheel diagnoses the electrical problem and takes care of all complex electrical management. At Flywheel our technicians provide better electrical repair solutions if you found any accountable problems like smoke or warning light or if any of the vehicle lights stop working. when the case of a dying battery, loose spark plug, battery and engine problems any other malfunctioning, an electrical repair can opt.

Wheel and Tyre Repair

Wheel and tire are what keep the car forward. Replacement or small repair needs can happen very often. We know it’s difficult to find the right place to fix all these problems and as a vehicle owner, you know the importance of fixing it not just to fix it but fix it right. We will help you to get there. Our professional garage technicians are super good at it. They know what to do to avoid frequent damages and repair needs.


Assured resolution for overheating issues

Overheating is dangerous if we don’t inspect it well. At Flywheel we assure result-driven services for any kind of overheating issues.

Do all complicated work

There is nothing impossible if you give your car to the right hands. We amaze you with our excellent repair talent. We will not let you lose hope. Flywheel has a great history of heavy Accident revival works.

Variety of brands to choose

Flywheel welcomes all brands and we are open to providing all services for all brands. We know how special is every vehicle.

Use special tools and equipments

Take advantage of our modern equipment and tools. Flywheel has a collection of a new range of tools and equipments available for providing customers the best experience in the business.

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